Jim Longstreet

Board Member

Jim is a retired Presbyterian pastor (B.S. Bus. Admin, M. Div., D. Min.), having served churches for over 40 years. Shortly after his retirement in early 2013, he had a heart scan that revealed he had heart disease along with his high blood pressure and high cholesterol (255). It was then, as he realized the precipice he was on, that he began to change his lifestyle and eating habits with the help of his wife, Sharon.

Having been a carnivore up until that time, he concluded life was more important than meat and cheese. He adopted a vegetarian diet, then a moderate vegan diet, and now follows and enjoys the variety of a whole food, plant-based diet. The results have been nothing short of amazing as his blood pressure is now normal and his cholesterol has dropped 105 points to less than 150 through diet without the help of medication. A cardiologist recently commented on his cholesterol level and proclaimed him “heart-attack-proof,” and that if he feels a pain in his chest now it will not be his heart.

Jim wants to not only see his family and friends discover the health benefits of a plant-based diet and make a transition, but he also wants to work with others on the Healthy City board to make the Permian Basin the healthiest region of the country. As a Master Gardener, Jim grows much of his food and enjoys teaching others how to do it in the challenging climate of West Texas.