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Nicole Lancto

Vice President

Nicole is CEO of Craft Office Systems and supports employees who are interested in transitioning to whole food, plant-based nutrition. She enjoys serving on a diverse board whose focus is to deliver the truth, empowerment and hope that accompanies a plant-based lifestyle.

She fully embraced whole food, plant-based nutrition in 2012 after attending a Farms to Forks weekend with plant-based gurus from the Forks Over Knives film. With a family history of cancer and heart disease, Nicole was initially motivated by her desire to break the cycle of diseases caused by eating a standard American diet. She soon benefitted first-hand from the power of WFPB nutrition by the resolution of some health issues. She now desires to teach her daughters and future generations about the benefits of a WFPB lifestyle, as well as for women’s health.  

The Lancto family kitchen serves as a central hub of adventure, laughter, music, conversation, and a little bit of a mess while exploring the culinary world of plant-based recipes. Nicole loves her husband, Greg’s plant-based creamy fettucine Alfredo paired with the Lancto’s “Mysterious Society Green Salad” (as named by her eldest daughter, Julia), and topped off with homemade banana-mango-strawberry “ice cream” (a favorite of her youngest daughter, Hannah).