GEtting Started

If you are ready to jump in and adopt a plant-based lifestyle, there are many resources in our community to help guide you along the way. Here are just a few to get you started.

Getting Started

Learn About Whole-Food, Plant-Based Nutrition

Attend a Community Meal

Every month, we gather for a community meal at someone's home. Each attendee is responsible for bringing a dish to share with the group (recipe is provided for you). If you are interested in attending the next community meal, visit our Events page or email

Many of the members have amazing testimonials about how whole-food, plant-based nutrition has changed their life, but there are a lot of 'newbies' too. Find out what plant-based is all about and get encouragement from other members.

In addition to community meals, Healthy City hosts other events such as grocery store tours, public lectures, cooking demonstrations, and more. Click here to view all upcoming events.

Grocery Shopping & how to Read Labels

If you would like to attend a guided grocery store tour, sign up on our Events page.

how to Stock Your Pantry

Physicians and medical Providers

Below is a list of local health professionals that support a whole, plant-based foods diet.

  • Janice Verbosky, M.D. – Pediatrics

  • John Petersen, M.D. – Emergency Medicine

  • Jillian Tate, R.N. – Lifestyle Medicine

  • Mrunal Patel, M.D. – Gastroenterology

  • Padmaja Patel, M.D. – Internal Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine

  • Ronica McBrayer – OBGYN

  • Staton Awtrey, M.D. – Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Tiffany Hansen, MSN, RN – Family Nurse Practitioner

If you are not local to the Midland/Odessa area, you can find a plant-based doctor near you by visiting or