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Camron Stotts

“My great granddad died at 55 by a heart attack, granddad had a heart attack in his late 60’s and my dad had his first heart attack at 45. After watching Forks over Knives and then reading Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, this huge light bulb went off. I thought this isn’t hereditary, it’s actually what you eat. That’s something we can control. We’re not destined to have heart disease or whatever our parents had.” 

Ellie Dominguez

“I was always told it wasn’t a matter of if I would get diabetes, it was a matter of when. That set a lightbulb off and made me realize that’s not what I wanted for myself. Since I’ve started a plant-based foods diet, I’ve lost weight, I sleep better at night, my lab results are good, my cholesterol has gone down, I’ve lost inches and I just feel really good.”

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Phillip Knight

“I grew up eating Doritos and Pop-Tarts and sugary cereal, but why do I think that’s food? Is that how human beings have been eating for the two thousand, four thousand years? Well, the answer is it’s not. The last seventy years of life in the United States is radically different than what the human species has been doing for the last several thousand years. I try to get people to question why they think the diet they’re eating today is what their body needs and ask if they realize that people haven’t been eating this way but for the last seventy years, and as the data comes in, it looks pretty ugly. This is harmful to us. This is killing us. I can’t imagine living my life the way I used to again. I wouldn’t want to go back.”


Susan Porter Allen

“In February 2015, my son, Jordan, approached me about getting my health on track. My weight was at an all time high, I had little energy and I was having terrible bowel issues with coinciding pain. Jordan made a challenge to me, stating that if I tried the plant based way of eating for one month and did not see, or feel a noticeable difference, he would not confront me about it again.

After several days of thinking about all I would have to give up, a thought occurred to me. What was I waiting for? No one was going to do this for me. The first month of my new adventure began with more energy than I had felt in years, weight loss, and a clearer complexion. I began to look forward to trying new recipes and seeing beneficial results. My hair looked and felt healthier and most surprisingly, my ability to taste food returned in a big way! The days of eating unhealthy food and the guilt associated with it, disappeared as did many of my problems. This plant based lifestyle was working with my body, not against it. I plan to continue a plant based diet for the rest of my life, knowing this is the best health decision I have ever made. I am also very appreciative to Dr. Padmaja Patel for her continued encouragement and support.”