Camron Stotts

Honorary Board Member

Camron is a 41-year resident of Midland and a graduate of Midland High School. He and his wife, Jami, run a non-profit organization called Restoration Farm that supports single mothers in the Permian Basin. Prior to starting Restoration Farm, Camron served as the Vice President of Operations for several independent oil and gas companies in Midland.

In 2007, Camron found himself 80 lbs overweight and not in good health. With the help of a whole food plant based diet, swimming, biking, and running, he lost the weight and regained his health and athleticism. Camron is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Nutrition from the University of New England, with aspirations of being a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

For the last 5 years, Camron has been an outspoken advocate for exercise, and a whole food plant based diet in our area. It was a very logical step for him to join the Healthy City Board in our mission to raise awareness and provide resources for those in Midland and Odessa looking for a healthier way of life.