Sharon Longstreet

Board Member

Sharon has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and Management and currently serves as the office and accounting manager for Sport Environmental Services. She is married to board member, Jim Longstreet.

When her husband received the results of a heart scan in February 2013, all she could say was, “It can’t be as bad as it looks.” But it was. With “over the top” of the chart numbers indicating calcification that most probably would result in an eventual heart attack, she realized her slim, active husband had a time bomb in his chest. At the recommendation of a friend, Sharon and her husband watched the documentary, Forks Over Knives. The credible scientific evidence of this compelling film gave them the hope and answers they needed to make changes that would not allow heart disease to progress and ruin their lives.

Sharon has always been interested in diet and health. Her father went through heart bypass surgery twice and her mother endured breast cancer and died of a stroke, but Sharon has learned that our genes do not have to determine our health as we age. The journey of discovering the role of nutrition in health has been a life-giving adventure that Sharon wants to share with anyone and everyone who will wake up to the realization that how we fuel our bodies makes all the difference in the quality of life we enjoy.